May 12, 2021 at 3:16pm | Ann Nguyen

Creating your own vertical garden bed, growing vertical plants from separate pots or purchasing a raised bed with multiple tiers serves as an excellent way to get into porch gardening. If you’re hoping to test out your green thumb this year, be sure you pick the best plants for your vertical garden.



Spinach is delightfully versatile in the kitchen. Sauteed spinach is great in omelets and pasta dishes, or throw fresh spinach in your salads and smoothies for extra nutrients. Luckily, this versatile veggie doesn’t require a lot of space to grow, making it the perfect option for a tiered garden. You’ll love walking onto your porch for some fresh spinach, and since they can be planted 6 inches apart, you can maximize your planter box’s space.



Since strawberries can adapt to a wide variety of containers, they are an excellent option for a round pot or the bottom of your planter box. You can even plant your strawberries in a hanging basket or window box. Since they send out runners, you won’t get as many berries as a gardener with a lot of excess room, but you can likely get some sweet and delicious berries flowing over your pot or garden bed.



Tomatoes require room to grow, so they should not be planted on a bottom or middle tier on a vertical garden bed. However, they are ideal in a single pot or even on the top of a raised bed. Just be sure that you provide a wooden stake or tomato cage to hold up the plant as it grows, and you’ll yield a big harvest in a small space.



Home cooks know that fresh basil can make the right dish shine. These shade-loving herbs are another excellent option for a tiered bed. Depending upon the variety, basil grows anywhere from 12-24 inches in height, so be sure to check your basil before deciding where to plant it. They require air between the plants, so be sure to space basil plants 12-16 inches apart.


Finding the right plants for your vertical garden will depend on the space you are working with and the level of sunlight your space can get. If you keep those factors in mind, you won’t go wrong with any of these plants that are ideal for vertical gardens.


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