March 25, 2021 at 3:45pm | Ann Nguyen

Finding enough room to store belongings is a common challenge for homeowners. It can be particularly difficult for families with kids since they acquire new clothing, toys, and books on a regular basis. Here are some ways to make the best use of the space available in your child’s room.


Think Vertical

Take advantage of the height of the room. That may mean buying a bookcase, installing floating shelves or cubbies, or stacking crates. Place toys and other items that your child doesn’t use often up high so they’re out of the way, but still accessible. 


If two children share a room and they’re old enough, consider getting bunk beds. They may enjoy having their own private areas, and bunk beds will take up less floor space than two twin beds and give you additional room for storage. Also, many bunk beds are designed with built-in storage. 


Store Things in Low Places and Corners

The area under a bed can provide much-needed storage space, but it’s important to keep things organized. If you don’t have a system, you may quickly wind up with a mess. Slide containers under the bed. If the bed isn’t currently high enough to provide much storage space underneath, consider raising it. Another option is to get a bed with built-in drawers.


Place toys and other things that your child uses often close to the floor, where they will be within reach. If the room doesn’t have enough shelves or cubbies, buy or build some. Organize existing storage areas with bins, when appropriate, to keep things organized and prevent messes. Use labels or colors so your child knows where things belong. That can help you teach your youngster to adhere to the organizational system.


In many bedrooms, corners sit unused and empty. Take advantage of those spaces and use them for storage. Find shelving units or cabinets that you can tuck into corners to hold books or toys. 


Reorganize the Closet and Dresser

Clothing and shoes take up lots of space. Many people have closets that are so full and disorganized that they struggle to find things they want, or things get pushed to the back and lost for years. 


Hang your child’s clothing on a rack whenever possible to minimize the amount of space that clothes take up in drawers and on shelves. Organize shoes, boots, and other items on shelves so they aren’t scattered on the floor. Use bins or baskets to store smaller items.


Be Strategic When It Comes to Storage

Keeping your child’s bedroom organized and tidy may seem impossible, but it can be done. Think about the clothing, toys, books, and furniture that are currently in your child’s room and decide what should be easily accessible and what can be stored away. Take advantage of existing storage space and incorporate new furniture and containers, if necessary. Create a system, explain it to your child and use labels and colors to make it easy to follow.


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