October 05, 2021 at 1:55pm | Ann Nguyen

Having limited outdoor space is no reason to curb your love of gardening or to settle for less than a thriving green space. From tasty fruits and veggies to flowering plants, trees, and shrubs, container gardening is a great way to enhance your small deck or patio, say gardening editors at HGTV.


Test your green thumb with these:


Dwarf Citrus Trees – If your space provides a little sunlight, dwarf lemon or lime trees will typically do well when planted in terracotta pots.


Strawberries – Try planting them in a hanging basket that gets lots of sunlight and get a season’s worth of sweet, ripe berries.


Red, Ripe Tomatoes – You can grow smaller varieties in pots. Start with young plants or establish seed plantings indoors first, then transfer them in pots to a sunny spot on your deck or patio.


Potted Roses – If the area gets at least five hours of daily sun, planter pots of dwarf or mini-sized roses will produce colorful blooms all summer long. Prune them out of season as you would prune their larger cousins.


Mini Herb Garden – Group varying sizes of containers together and get ready to season your dishes with mint, chives, and other herbs grown in a limited space.


Sunflowers – There is nothing as cheerful as these summer favorites. Choose colorful pots, or let the kids paint tin cans with enamel paint, then plant dwarf sunflower seeds in each.


Low-Care Succulents – Because they store water in their fleshy leaves and stems, these evergreen plants do well even when you don’t water regularly. They need a little sun, though, so group pots of succulents in a light, bright corner.


Flowering Vines – Compact climbers, like jasmine and clematis, are great container plants. All they need to thrive is a pot with good drainage, a trellis or post for support, and regular watering and feeding.


Bonus Tip: For an engaging change from store-bought pots, plant your favorites in colorful vintage tins scooped up at thrift stores or garage sales.


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Credits to: https://rismedia.com/2017/08/01/gardening-your-small-deck-patio/ 





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