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Finding a home you’ll fall in love with can take time, patience and some old-fashioned legwork. However, the results will pay off in the long run when you get to move into your dream home. So, if you’re looking to find the home you will fall in love with, read on for your roadmap to find the home that is best for you.


Identify Your Home Style

Honing in on your home style will help you focus on looking at the homes that fit your desired aesthetic. Whether it’s a Colonial in the suburbs, a sprawling ranch in the country or a penthouse in the city, narrowing your search to focus on your preferred style will save you time and energy by avoiding the homes that aren’t your style.


Focus on Your Dream Neighborhood

Identifying the neighborhood you want to live in will make your home search more efficient. While the inventory may not be as plentiful if you had a more extensive search radius, it ensures that you aren’t settling for a home in a less preferable neighborhood.


Create Your Must-Have List

Before you start your search, create your must-have list of non-negotiable home features that you’re not willing to compromise on. Then, whether it’s a certain number of bedrooms, a particular amount of acreage, or having a commute under a certain number of miles, stick to this list and don’t visit homes that don’t include these must-haves.


Plan for the Future

While your home must meet your current needs, it’s also important to consider your future needs. Whether you anticipate your family expanding, if you’ll need additional storage space or you plan on entertaining more in the future, consider these factors before putting in an offer.


Look Past Cosmetic Flaws

Unless you’re buying a custom new build, there will likely be aspects of a new house that you will want to change. However, don’t let cosmetic imperfections deter you. Whether it’s a smaller-scale job such as refinishing the floors or a larger-scale project such as a kitchen renovation, try to look past these flaws and focus on finding a well-constructed home in an area you love.


View the Home Multiple Times

Once you find a home you love, view it a second time. Visit the area during the week and weekend, both day and evening. Seeing the house during various times of day will provide you with the most comprehensive feeling of the neighborhood.


Stay Flexible

While having your criteria is essential to keep your vision on track for finding your dream home, being flexible is also very important. Being able to compromise on home features, areas and home-style can help you find your dream home simply by being flexible on some of your requirements.


Schedule the Inspection

No matter how much you love the home and how pristine it looks, always schedule an inspection from a licensed home inspector. This will help uncover any issues below the surface and clue you in to potential problems in the future.


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