July 05, 2021 at 10:02am | Ann Nguyen

Spending more time at home has inspired a new generation to explore the world of cooking, and there is no lack of cookbooks and step-by-step YouTube instructions to help us master the basics. Whether you are a budding chef or have been cooking for years, here are nine food hacks you’ll be glad to have in your repertoire.


Microwave Pizza With Water – Restore leftover pizza to ooey-gooey freshness by putting a mug of water next to it in the microwave. The water adds moisture, rehydrating the crust and toppings.

Grate Cold Butter for Spreading – You’ve split the French bread and want to butter it for garlic bread, but the cold butter is making it impossible. Grate the cold butter with a standard grater and go about the spreading with ease.

Roll Lemons for More Juice – Rolling your lemons on the counter before halving will help to yield more juice, or microwave them for 20 seconds before squeezing.

Scoop Your Meatballs – For perfectly round, evenly-portioned meatballs, keep your hands clean and shape them with an ice cream scoop.

Add Sugar to Savory Dishes – Few soup or stew recipes suggest it, but adding a teaspoon or two of sugar to savory dishes as they cook tempers the acidity and smooths out the flavor.

Clean Stained Plastic Containers – If leftover chili or pasta sauce has stained a plastic storage container, wipe the inside with a paste of baking soda and water, let it sit for a few hours, then wash as usual.

Master the Mango – These tropical fruits are great for smoothies or snacks, but they can be tricky to prepare. Cut the mango in half around each side of the pit. Slice a grid pattern into each half, then invert the fruit and cut off the chunks to enjoy.

Cook Hash Browns on the Waffle Iron – It’s not just for waffles anymore. Grease it first, then cook hash brown potatoes on it—even make omelets or quesadillas!

Transform Failed Cake – Nearly everyone has a failed cake at some point, but don’t let it ruin your dinner party. Chunk up the cake, fold it into pudding and/or whipped cream, and serve it in a cocktail glass. Yum.

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