July 14, 2021 at 9:33am | Ann Nguyen

Learning a new skill is not only a fun avenue to a new hobby, but the act of learning that skill can challenge your brain in new ways. This can lead to better cognitive function and can even reduce your chance of developing dementia. While learning a new skill can seem daunting, especially if you’re on a tight budget, there are a lot of options to ensure you don’t have to invest a lot to become a lifelong learner and find your new favorite pastime. 


Craft Store Classes

From small local shops to large chains, many craft stores offer classes on how to use their products. Take a weekend to explore the world of cake decorating or tackle that scrapbooking project you always wanted to do. These low-cost classes do require some investment in the form of materials and a nominal class fee, but they can be an excellent way to jumpstart a new hobby. Bonus? Attendees often have access to coupons to cover materials for your next out-of-class project.


Home Improvement Store Classes

Learn the basics when it comes to DIY. Your local home improvement store likely offers group classes that cover home improvement basics and fun projects. Whether you learn how to properly use a specific tool or discover how to DIY a wooden planter box, these lessons are sure to come in handy.


Local Clubs

While you might think joining a club is something you do after you have developed a particular skill, chances are your local clubs are interested in welcoming anyone with a penchant for their favorite hobby. There’s a club for almost every interest and skill level. If you’re unsure if your local club would welcome a beginner to the group, simply ask! You may find an avenue to hone a new skill and even a few lifelong friends.


Community College Courses

You don’t have to be seeking a degree to benefit from your local college. Classes are often welcome to community members and some colleges will even offer free or reduced course tuition to seniors or adults wishing to learn about a subject without receiving college credits. Brush up on your cooking skills, or deep dive into your love of Shakespeare without the stress of grades holding you back.


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