June 01, 2021 at 4:00pm | Ann Nguyen

Ever wanted to bake, but the butter was too hard? You can nuke it in the microwave and take a chance it will melt, or you can grate the hard butter and it will soften naturally in minutes. From people who are just a tad more innovative than most, here are some offbeat little life hacks that may just make your days a little easier.


Remove Water Stains From Wood – Cups and glasses left water rings on your tables? Remove them with a little mayonnaise.

Stop the Itch – As strange as it sounds, a little dab of Preparation H will take the sting out of most bug bites. 

Remove a Splinter – Can’t get at that splinter just below the skin? Wrapping a banana peel around it, mushy side in will usually draw it out.

Reheat Pizzas – Skip the microwave. Keep it fresh-tasting by heating it in a frying pan with a tablespoon or two of water splashed along the side and a lid on top.

Oops, Too Much Salt – If your soup or stew is too salty, leech out some of the saltiness by adding a chopped-up potato to the pot.

Cure the Hiccups – Get your head out of that paper bag and down a spoonful of peanut butter.

Clean Peppery Hands – After cutting up jalapenos or other hot peppers, rub cooking oil on your hands and wash it off with dish soap.

Chop Onions Without Crying – Chop them with a wet knife. Keep the water running, keep your knife wet and finish the chore tearlessly.

Keep Leftovers Moist – No matter what you are heating in your microwave, sprinkle a little water on the tray to heat it without drying it out.

Ease the Nausea – When feeling nauseated, chew on a piece of candied ginger. Any ginger works, but candied ginger is better tasting.


Credits to: https://rismedia.com/ace2-branded/?id=207734&src=rismedia.com&ref=Preview&e_id=bUQxdjk3SjN6M1dnUW9ZTXEzZmdMdz09 



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