April 15, 2021 at 5:36pm | Ann Nguyen

Starting a weekly, biweekly, or monthly tradition can prove to be an effective and incredibly fun way to slow down and focus on each other even when schedules get hectic. If you are ready to start a family game night for this reason, here are some tips to make it happen.


Define Game

Game night can mean different things to different family members, so be sure to define what your family would like to see in a game night. Will it be a rough-and-tumble night of sports or obstacle courses? Does your family enjoy the strategy involved with a long-lasting game of cards? Do you prefer quick board games? Or do you simply want to join the kids in a battle royale on their favorite video game console? Whatever you choose, be sure to set expectations for what the tradition will involve.


Pick a Low Traffic Night

The key to making the family game night a true tradition is simply ensuring that it continues even when life gets more chaotic. Pick a low-traffic night, especially if you plan to make your family game nights a weekly event. Choosing a Friday night may work for your family when your children are small, but it could pose a challenge to keep everyone interested as high school years and Friday night football games approach. Choose a night that won’t require family members to sacrifice events or extracurricular activities and you’ll be much more likely to keep up the tradition long-term.


Ensure Variety

Traditional family game nights often involve board games since they are an easy way to ensure a technology-free and family-focused evening. If you opt for board games during your game nights, don’t forget to ensure variety. You can achieve this by creating a monthly game night with a form of games you don’t normally play (think video games or sports) or you can purchase or borrow new board games regularly. Check with your local library to see if they lend board games to members, or support a local game store and find an eclectic board game you wouldn’t come across otherwise. Either way, keeping game night fun and interesting means mixing it up, especially if one family member keeps winning every time you play Monopoly. 


Bring Snacks

Snacks and game nights go hand-in-hand, and everyone can get excited about a delectable treat. Keep it low-key by setting out your family’s favorite crunchy snacks and treats, or plan your game night around dinner and make it a fun build-your-own meal. Taco bars, chili bars, or ice cream sundae bars can prove an excellent companion to game night fun. 


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