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New business applications have increased in the United States this year. This increase is largely attributed to the need of many to get creative to keep income flowing while COVID-19 restrictions remain in place.

For some, this year has served as motivation to finally launch a home-based business. From freelance writing to baking to pet sitting, there are countless options that an individual can pursue. In some cases, home-based business ventures require moving to a new space to accommodate inventory and/or daily activities. However, moving while starting a new business can be extra stressful without proper planning. 

If you are moving to launch your new home-based business, Ann Nguyen Real Estate offers these essential tips for success.

Prioritize your self-care routine

Despite sounding counterintuitive, self-care is extraordinarily important when seeking to manage the stress of moving and starting a business. Even if you are tempted to spend every waking moment on work or moving-related tasks, you need to take time to decompress. Allocating as little as 15 minutes per day on self-care activities is sufficient to recharge your batteries.

Need more proof? The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) states that by caring for your physical and mental health on a regular basis, you can better handle challenges, improve your resilience, and reduce your overall stress levels. The best self-care activities will vary depending on preferences but can include meditation, journaling, physical exercise, talking with family and friends, and listening to uplifting music.

Stay organized at all times

What does starting a business and moving to a new home have in common? Mountains of physical and digital paperwork!

Now more than ever before, it is crucial for you to set up systems in your life that allow you to effortlessly stay organized. Even if you consider yourself to be an organized person, take your strategies to the next level.

Start by choosing your favorite programs and apps to help you store and easily retrieve documents. Sort your files in a way that makes sense to you. Also, consider selecting platforms that provide cloud printing services so that you can print and send documents from any location. Additionally, utilize apps to help you securely store your passwords, and to store all of your business content/marketing material.

Make life easier for yourself where possible

If you are someone who always tries to take on everything solo, consider ways in which you can make your life easier. The tasks involved with starting a business and moving could keep you busy day and night. Rather than risk burnout, explore opportunities to keep life as simple as possible.

For example, hiring professional movers can save you hours of frustration, stress, and physical exertion.


When it comes to your business, consider the advantages of forming a limited liability company (LLC). Once in place, an LLC will protect your personal assets, reduce the amount of work that you have to do down the road, and provide you with tax benefits. While there is an initial time investment in forming your LLC, the process will ultimately make your life easier when beginning your new business. If you’re not ready to pull the trigger, at least consider reserving your business name by doing an LLC name lookup.

Research laws and regulations ahead of your move

Almost all home-based businesses must follow various laws and regulations. Businesses that involve the handling of food products are subject to some of the strictest rules.

Prior to moving into your new home, thoroughly research laws that are applicable to your new venture. Ensure that your home adheres to all guidelines (e.g., having a dedicated handwashing sink), and make all improvements in advance. Following this step can save you time, money, frustration, and prevent legal consequences.

Start looking for the ideal home

Once you’re clear on zoning, and after you’ve been preapproved for a loan, it’s time to start your home search. When you finally connect with your agent from Anny Nguyen Real Estate, be crystal clear about what you are looking for in a home that can support your business. It’s also important to research what kinds of properties are available, as well as average home prices in the Lake Tahoe area. 

During the process of moving and starting your new home-based business, be sure to enjoy the journey. Taking the proper steps to prepare for these big changes, and accepting that there will be bumps along the way, will help give you the perspective needed to cherish the experience.

Are you ready to upsize your home to accommodate a new home-based business? Turn to Ann Nguyen Real Estate to the perfect home for your family and your business 530-545-3458

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