December 30, 2021 at 9:37am | Ann Nguyen

The coronavirus pandemic and its many restrictions have changed the way we live and work. Some things, like plexiglass barriers and more frequent handwashing, will likely stay with us for a while. But changing the way we work and shop, and having to spend more time at home, hasn’t all been terrible. In some ways, it has helped to make many of us more aware, more creative, and more generous.

Now, as life gets back to relatively normal, psychologists pinpoint at least 10 pandemic habits that are well worth maintaining:

  • Staying Connected – Video chats and more time at home make it easier and more compelling to stay in touch with faraway friends and relatives.

  • Enjoying Simple Pleasures – Families spending more time together have rediscovered the pleasures of board games, jigsaw puzzles, and books.

  • Learning Online – The easy availability of online classes makes it easy to learn new crafts, take master classes, improve skills, enjoy armchair travel, and more. 

  • Appreciating the Garden –Digging in the soil, planting and nurturing, even eating home-grown veggies is a newfound source of pride and accomplishment for many.

  • Getting Into the Dough – How many Americans have found great satisfaction in watching the dough rise and baking bread for appreciative friends and family!

  • Decluttering and Donating – It’s always a good time to opt for simplicity, declutter our closets and living space, and donate to local charities. 

  • Leaving Cheerful Messages – What an unexpected joy it is, when walking the neighborhood, to find painted rocks or chalk messages wishing all a happy day.

  • Checking on Neighbors – Checking in with elderly neighbors to be sure they are okay or if they need anything from the store is a caring and practical habit.

  • Tipping Generously – Awareness that low-wage delivery people and others accept risk in order to serve us has inspired us to be more generous.

  • Supporting Local Businesses – Knowing that many small business owners have struggled to keep the doors open has moved many to eat and shop at local stores and restaurants.


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