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You’ve heard of the phrase, “less is more,” right? Well, that’s exactly what minimalism is — living a simplistic lifestyle while placing value on your ‘everyday’ necessities. It’s all about being grateful for the items that serve you best and saying ‘thank you’ by utilizing them to their fullest potential! Think of minimalist home styling as Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary cooler, older sister: it blends several elements of modernity, yet gives a fresh, mature perspective on materialistic value. Minimalism is often seen as a way to reduce stress, save money and care for the planet — but in a consumer-driven society, it can also be seen as too restrictive or “boring.” And better yet, oftentimes minimalism is portrayed as getting rid of everything you own in one large, yet overwhelming gesture. Minimalism’s reputation just can’t seem to win! 


When it comes to your home, there are so many benefits to embracing minimalism… but if you’re looking to spice up your minimalist lifestyle, or just don’t know where to start, we’ve got seven ways to make the transition into minimalist living at home (without the overwhelming gestures or sacrificing the excitement!):


Write down your intention/goal

As you make the shift to minimal living, setting your mindset must be your first priority. Ask yourself, “why do I want to live minimally? What’s my goal?” Whether you reflect internally, through journaling, or with those living in your home, this step is crucial. As you decide what’s most important to you, you’ll find the process is more overwhelming than you might’ve anticipated. Having a set goal and timeline for yourself, your home, and your life to always turn to in these moments will ease the process for you!


Assign a value to your items

After deciding what your goal is, take a look around and assign meaning to your items. And we’re not talking about your “big ticket” must-have items — but your “do I really need this?” ones. And if you’re anything like me with a huge “attachment to unnecessary things issue…” let this be a reminder that just because an item is “cute” and “trendy” doesn’t mean it adds value to your life in the way you may believe. Trends come and go unbelievably quickly these days, so the best way to break the inevitable trend cycle is to fill your home with sleek, simple pieces that stand the test of time.


Like anything home decor, YOU have to decide what items will stand the test of your own decor eye. A very high-level example: try sticking with solid colors, simple lines and keep things consistent.


Take things room by room

Decluttering is incredibly overwhelming. Maintaining a clean and tidy space can be even more overwhelming. Set time aside each day to tidy up your space — if you put off cleaning until your home is turned upside down, it only discourages you from cleaning even more. Creating a checklist can help you stay on track and organized!


Decide on a few focal points

Not every aspect of your home needs to be a focal point, but even in a minimalist mindset, there’s room for your favorite artwork, bookshelf or floral arrangements.  


Re-use, re-use!

Do you really need extra coffee mugs or that extra mixer that was a wedding gift? Though letting go can be difficult, one of the best ways to celebrate minimalism is coming up with new uses for your items. This not only keeps your decor functional, yet interesting, but helps create that value that’s foundational to minimalist living. Multi-purposeful items are a great way to ensure you’re not ditching the items you love most. Better yet, up-cycling is also an excellent, sustainable option — tap into your creative side and create exciting DIY projects!


Save up for high-quality pieces

While seasons and trends come and go, if you’re someone who struggles with the need to constantly update your home decor, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Instead of filling your space with fluctuating pieces, opt for durable decor and storage that are built to last. Splurging on quality pieces may not be in the cards for everyone, but if minimalism is truly your end goal, switching to more expensive, quality home items now will save you down the road. Plus — no matter how old you get, there’s an inherent excitement you feel when saving up for something you really, really want!


Become BFFs with Pinterest

Lastly, Pinterest users have an extraordinary eye for all-things minimalism. Social media is a powerful tool for visualization, providing you with natural styling ideas that can jumpstart your minimalist journey. Check out our own Pinterest Board to get you started!


Embracing minimalism doesn’t mean you have to be restrictive, it’s all about finding what tips and styling work for YOU. But if you find minimalist living isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay! Our blog has all your cleaning, organization, and styling tips and tricks to fit your home — no matter what lifestyle you embrace!


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