January 23, 2021 at 7:29am | Ann Nguyen

Living in the city comes with a lot of great perks and you can always find something to do, a place to eat or people to meet. One thing that those used to growing up in a more rural area might not find however is some quiet time.

But just because you live in a city doesn’t mean you can’t find peace and tranquility somewhere. Here are some great options for when you just want to drown out the noise.


Most cities have parks where you can go and walk on paths, sit on a bench and read or just lay on the grass for a picnic. Sure, these can sometimes get a little bustling—especially on weekends—but a park setting is still very serene for the most part and many of the city’s sounds disappear. Bigger parks may have hiking trails or bike paths if you’re looking for a little more solitude.


Long known for being a quiet sanctuary, a library is still the perfect place to go and read a good book. Even with the addition of computers and other activities taking place, everyone still follows the whispering mandate in a library and it’s very peaceful. Some libraries even have designated seating areas with comfy couches that make enjoying your latest book passion even better.

Mediation Studio

If you’re in a city, chances are there’s a studio nearby offering some sort of meditation, yoga or other spiritual-type class where the main focus is to relax and distance yourself from the noise in your life. This is a great way to quiet everything going on in your head. Schedule a weekly session so you know you have that hour to look forward to every week.

Your Own Home

While it might seem crazy to think you can find some peace and quiet in the one place that causes all the noise in the first place, your space can be the perfect place. Carve out a small area in a room for a mat or comfy chair where you can just sit and meditate for a bit and distract yourself from all around you. If there’s noise coming from outside, listen to some calming music and drown it out.



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