August 20, 2020 at 9:41pm | Ann Nguyen

Junk drawers: we all have one, maybe even more. Whether or not you consider yourself an organized person, it’s common for every household to have a space full of useless items. Instead of letting your pile of clutter grow, it may be time to tackle your mess and rid yourself and your family of items you’ll most likely never use. Create more space and room for organization in your home by throwing away these useless items.

Old Cords

Open each drawer in your home and you will likely find a collection of old charging cords. Though people tend to hold on to these for a “just in case” situation, more often than not, you have at least one or more of the same cord or they are outdated from tech you no longer use or have.

Expired Coupons

For those of us who like to save every penny at the grocery store, collecting coupons can quickly become overwhelming. Before you know it, you have a stack of coupons from the last five years that you can no longer use. Sift through your coupon book and if necessary, throw them all away and start a new collection.

Takeout Menus

Nowadays, you can find almost every restaurant’s menu online. Since takeout menus are often large, this paper will soon take over a drawer or corner of your countertop. Remove paper clutter and recycle all of your old takeout menus.

Product Manuals

For large appliances, such as a refrigerator or oven, it may be best to keep the product manual in case of emergency or repairs. However, when you purchase a new piece of furniture and put it together, the instruction manual will not be needed again. Collect any old manuals and recycle. Be sure to keep this habit as you purchase and build new pieces in the future. 

Old Receipts

Unless you made a tax-deductible purchase or plan to return an item within 30 days, there is no end to keep the receipt. However, in almost every home across America, there is an old stack of receipts, in both the junk drawer and possibly even your wallet. Sift through your receipts, and unless you can get a return on your purchase, throw them away.

Plastic Utensils

If you have a pile of plastic utensils taking up space in your kitchen, whether from takeout orders or a birthday party, it’s about time to throw them away. The environment and your utensil drawers will thank you.

Condiment Packets

When you order takeout, you likely end up with a stockpile of condiments that you never use up. These packets usually end up in a drawer in the kitchen, taking up space. However, you most likely have a bottle of ketchup or soy sauce in your fridge, and often ignore your collection of disposable condiments. By getting rid of these packets, you also avoid the chance of a sticky or leaky mess.



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