July 30, 2020 at 7:49pm | Ann Nguyen

Sharing a bathroom is often a source of frustration and conflict among family members. Things can be even more problematic when guests are visiting. Adding another bathroom to your home could reduce everyone’s stress level. If you’re thinking about renovating, you need to decide whether to add a full bathroom with a toilet, a sink,and a shower or tub, or a half bathroom with just a toilet and a sink.

Reasons to Add a Full Bathroom

A full bathroom might be a good idea if two or more members of your family need to shower at or around the same time. By adding a full bathroom, you could avoid the need to take turns and family members would not get annoyed if someone else took too long.

If you and your family are on a tight bathroom schedule or frequently get on each other’s nerves, things may be even more stressful when you have guests over. Adding even one more person to the household may be disruptive. Having another full bathroom could also make having guests less stressful.

A full bathroom could increase your home’s resale value more than a half bathroom would. Another full bathroom could be appealing to buyers, particularly those with two adults on similar schedules or to families with children. Some buyers will not even consider a house that does not have a shower or a tub in every bathroom. 

Benefits of a Half Bathroom

If you don’t want to build an addition, you may be able to fit a half bathroom into an existing space. For instance, you might be able to convert a closet or borrow a small amount of space from a corner of a large room to create a half bathroom. To add a full bathroom to your home, on the other hand, you might have to build an addition. 

Setting up the plumbing for a half bathroom would be easier than it would be for a full bathroom. With a half bathroom, you would not have to worry about paying to install plumbing for a shower or a tub. 

Many people hate cleaning their bathrooms. A half bathroom without a tub or shower would require less cleaning than a full bathroom.

What is the Better Choice for Your Family?

If your issue is that multiple people need to shower at the same time or that you frequently have overnight guests, adding a full bathroom could be the solution. If, however, you just want an extra toilet and sink for family members to use while hanging out in the living room or for guests to use when they come for dinner, a half bathroom could be a simpler and less expensive solution.



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