June 19, 2020 at 2:28pm | Ann Nguyen

For many urban dwellers, the amount of living space is usually limited. Having such a small space can be tough when it comes to decor and storage. But just because your apartment or home is small, doesn’t mean you can’t fill it with big, and very smart, design. Here are some tips for common issues found when living in a small space. 

Divide and Conquer

Possibly one of the most common problems when living in a small space like a studio apartment is not having designated areas. When you have fewer rooms to work with, you have to get creative. Utilizing a divider can turn one large space into multiple spaces. For the divider, utilize functional items like bookshelves to break up spaces. For example, place a bookshelf between the areas you designate for your bedroom and your living room. You can fill the bookshelf with personal items and decor to include your aesthetic, or you can fill it with stylish boxes to create additional storage and privacy.

No Closet, No Problem

Many urban apartments don’t have the features we yearn for in a home, like a closet. If you are stuck with exposed shelving units on the wall, carve out a little extra floor space around that area. Even add more shelves and a dresser depending on the size of this space. Hang a curtain close to the ceiling and long enough to reach the floor. Close the curtain to hide your clothes and accessories or open it up to reveal beautiful and functional closet space. 

Hang Some Hooks

Don’t have enough space for extra seating? Here’s a simple fix! Hang hooks on the wall to hold folding chairs. Not only is this a smart storage hack, but it can also serve as an artistic touch as well. Get creative with paint, stencils, and patterns and customize the chairs to fit into your design aesthetic. When they aren’t in use, simply fold them and hang them on the wall hooks to create more living space. When you decide to use them, take them off the wall. You can even hang other items in their place, such as blankets, and swap when desired. 

Small spaces can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to functionality. But with these design hacks, no matter how small your living space may be, you can fill it with all of your essentials in stylish and creative ways. 



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