September 9, 2017 | Ann Nguyen
Let's get this straightforward. Vacation rental homesare good investments because of these 3 reasons...

1. There is a strong rental demand in markets EVERYWHERE
This is true for most American families particularly among the middle-income earners but most especially for the wealthy ones.  It was already proven long time ago by scientists that vacation really increases a person's happiness and decreases stress levels. No wonder, people are clamoring for the best vacation homes that they can find for they believe that it's their home away from home where they can relax, have fun and be comfortable as they wish.

2. People would rather rent a vacation home instead of staying in expensive hotels
No doubt about this. If there's a way for us to save money, we'll definitely go for it. You cannot really compare the price of staying in a luxurious or classy hotel versus living temporarily in a nice yet warm vacation home. Truth is, the latter can offer almost everything that 5-star hotels can, except your own chef and perhaps a concierge. Who would need one if the whole family is there to stay and just basically have fun? Aside from the huge amount of money that you can save if you will opt to stay in vacation homes instead of hotels, there's no tip for the waiter, elevator guy, hostess, and hotel employees that you have to worry about.

3. As the value of the home goes up, you can always resell
'Nuff said. The real estate market is sometimes unpredictable. Who knows what your $100,000 home could cost in the future? Aside from the regular rentals that you can earn out of it, you can always resell your property if you think its value rose already. Talk about smart investing.

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